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Fun Lives Here!
Fall 2017 Activities
Casino Night
Monday, 8-21-2017
Singer/Songwriter: Adam Hambrick
Thursday, 8-24-2017
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Sunday, 8-27-2017
Monday, 8-28-2017
Comedian: Samuel Comroe
Wednesday, 8-30-2017
Pineapple Whip
Thursday, 8-31-2017
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Sunday, 9-10-2017
Spoken Word Artist: Ashlee Haze
Wednesday, 9-13-2017
Spray Paint Tank Tops
Thursday, 9-14-2017
Glowrage Paint Party
Friday, 9-15-2017
Movie: Transformers: The Last Knight
Sunday, 9-17-2017
Monday, 9-18-2017
Comedian: Lafayette Wright
Thursday, 9-21-2017
Movie Matinee: Despicable Me 3
Sunday, 9-24-2017
Movie: Wonder Woman
Sunday, 10-1-2017
Pop Violinist: Josh Vietti
Thursday, 10-5-2017
Move: Spider-man Homecoming
Sunday, 10-8-2017
Paranormal Event: Tennessee Wraith Chasers
Wednesday, 10-11-2017
Singer/Songwriters: Shane and Emily
Tuesday, 10-17-2017
Fall Fest
Monday, 10-23-2017
Movie: The Dark Tower
Sunday, 10-29-2017
Premiere Movie: Thor: Ragnarok
Friday, 11-3-2017
Singer/Songwriter: Lakin
Tuesday, 11-7-2017
Throwback Movie: Spaceballs
Sunday, 11-12-2017